I Want to Vape, so what do i Need to know?

Well, it's not hard to get into vaping as a way of packng in cigarettes. It might seem complicated with sites offering you all manner of tanks, batteries and accessories ..but thats a personal choice. All you really need is a "starter kit"  ....oh and some e-liquid!



When i say starter kit, you are LOT better off staying away from those cheap "eBay" EGO style kits..sure they don't cost a lot..but they won't make you happy either :( Typically they have very low quality batteries with low power outputs, and these won't last long with daily recharging. Also the tanks and coils are awful; plasticky and leaky and don't get me started on the coils! ..virtually NO eliquid tastes good in these things. So many people will say " i tried to give up smoking, but i bought a vape pen and it was rubbish, they don't work for me, i am going back to fags"  ...that's because they tried a "fiver special" and its a shame


That does NOT mean that buying a decent "starter " vape pen is expensive..

We sell the X9 mini which is well built and doesn't cost the earth either :)

Actually a vape device is VERY simple...they charge off any USB port or suitable charger (just like your phone) the charge will normally last a few days, you fill up the little tank with your chosen flavour of eliquid and off you go! ...EASY.

Later on you can "upgrade" perhaps to a device that has various options to enhance your experience..typically these look like little "boxes" and some refer to them as "box mods" ....some of these have programmable settings to alter taste and flavour and come with long life batteries too...a good example is our Rofvape ABox



eliquid (unlike fags) come in a wide range of flavours ....as you can see from our site! ..Something to suit every taste! eliquid also comes in different "strengths" This is the nicotine content. Now whilst E-liquid and vaping doesnt have any of the nasties that cigarettes have ..no tar, no carbon monoxide etc ....you can still choose the right nicotine content for you especially if you are coming off the nasty cigarettes ..this is IMPORTANT. If you don't choose the right nicotine content, you will more than likely still CRAVE and then return to the fags ...At almost £10 a packet ...thats NOT what you want!

Working out what you need is easy ...We have all strenghts from 0mg-24mg..
0mg=None, 6mg=Low, 12mg=Medium, 18mg=Medium/High and 24mg=High


Choose the right one and you will still FEEL like you have smoked a cigarette.

Work out what works best for you!

Save THOUSANDS a year....Feel BETTER and.....WELCOME to Vaping!

ALL ELiquid contains basically the same 3 ingredients..A Base, A Flavour, and if it's got Nicotine; then that too.

The Base is the fluid that carries the taste and creates the "vapour" (which looks like smoke..but isn't) The Base liquid is normally a combination of PG and VG..you will see different ratios quoted like 80/20 or 50/50. To simplify this it is fair to say that PG "carries" flavour better and VG makes more "clouds" ...Unless you have a preference for one or the other, then I would suggest you choose the "standard" mix of 50/50 (PG/VG). 



You have probably heard the term, and wondered what it EXACTLY  means. Well  basically it is a way of vaping that uses VG eliquid and "sub-ohm" coils to produce lots of clouds. It is becomeing a hobby by itself! there is custom coils and special tanks and its a world in itself. VG is much thicker and high ratios make it harder to pour too!

If of course you are into making BIG Clouds of smoke then you already know this.

We know that cloudchasers using drippers or large RDA's normally purchase our

"Cloudz" mix in either 0mg, 6mg or very occasionally 12mg ....so for these we use

standard pharmaceutical VG. This liquid is quite thick and is ideally suited for

cloudchasing equipment. If however you order a "Cloudz" mix in 18mg, 24mg or

higher; we use Aqueous VG, this makes the fluid easier to fill into your tank, so

you can enjoy high VG liquid without the fuss. 

If you want ot know more or are already into the cloudchasing scene ..you might find our page on cloudchasing and sub-ohming useful .,...it can be found HERE


Flavouring is important, without it vaping would be ...well ..VERY boring! The Base does not have any taste of its own and so we have to add the flavour to it. Some Flavours are naturally more intense than others and so the amount added is different to produce a good "vape". It is probably fair to say that most E-Liquid (that's any good) is about 15-20% Flavouring. We also offer "double hit" flavouring where it can get as high as 25-30%. It's up to you!


Nicotine is only added if you select a strength above 0mg. None of our nicotine free products include nictotine. Even the ones flavoured with tobacco essence (thats important to know).


Nicotine is not essential to enjoying vaping. Just like in cigarettes it is completely odourless and tasteless and it is the chemical that makes cigarettes addictive, of course of you are trying to quit, then you will probably still NEED to use nicotine eliquid, as this will remove the craving for normal nasty cigarettes.


Colouring in our liquids is natural and is a byproduct of the flavouring in most cases and so is completely natural. We also find that natural colour added as trace helps with the mixing and steeping process as it shows us (and you) that your eliquid is well blended and has not settled due to storage.

Quality Control

We only use pharmaceutical grade bases and nicotine, we choose them because they are far purer guaranteed than food grade. We no longer import or sell e liquid or ingredients that are sourced in China or India. This is due to dubious accountability and quality control. There was a time that the ONLY place you could buy from was China, but this has now moved on ...although SOME brands still choose to import from there ..due to low prices. We look at it like this..If you have come (like we have) from an expensive cigarette habit; then saving £1 a week to smoke horrible liquid with god-knows-what in there just does NOT make sense

We also don't use flavourings that do not vape well or include any essential oils or artificial sweeteners that react badly in atomisers or leave a "burnt" taste


We don't use ANY artificial colourings in our eliquid at all. any colour you see is a product of the ingredients themselves.


ALL our eliquids are guaranteed to be free from Diacetyl, Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl, Pentanedione, Diethylene Glycol, Ketone, Aldehyde & Hexane