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About Us

Fastvape started life in 2010 as SP Vaping. Set up by Steve and me (Paul) from Manchester. We were vapers that were disillusioned with the "cartomiser" style e-cigaretttes and so we started to import e-liquid from the Far East for  ourselves and our  friends.  It quickly became obvious that while imported eliquid was "cheap" it was not the best tasting, and further ..there was no cast iron guarantee of quality of ingredients!

After a few months of research we decided to make our own, and over the next 2 years it grew into the brand FastVape. Initially we only supplied trade outlets and concessions (some of them we still do) ..but in 2013 we set up the website to supply directly to the public. 

We moved premises in 2015 from our little office and storeroom/kitchen in Moston to our larger premises in Salford (which used to be an artisan bakery) We also took on Sue; who handles our admin and online sales via auction sites.  We also bought the company and incorporated it into the Fastvape brand and website; so we can supply a great range of coils to complement our liquids.

Today, despite selling several hundred bottles a week, we still stick to our ethics from the day we started. To produce the best  eliquid possible at a fair price. We don't use any nasty additives or harmful chemicals, and we never will.


We Vape what we Sell

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