30ml Treacle Toffee eliquid (Flavour & Shot Kit)



Due to new regulations, eliquid with nicotine can ONLY be sold in 10ml containers and with a nicotine stregnth of 20mg (2.0 %)  or lower.

If you order 0% nicotine liquid from us, you will receive the normal 30ml bottle (as before)

If you order 3mg,6mg,12mg or 18mg, you will recieve a 30ml bottle and also 10ml Nicotine "shots" ..when these are combined it will give you 30ml of eliquid as before. Full instructions are included with everything you need


Full Flavour guaranteed to hit the spot! Just select the nicotine strength you need and whether you want normal consistency or the thicker "Cloudz" version..which is ideal for RDA, drippers and cloudchasing equipment. "Cloudz" is of course 80% VG and so is ideal for those that may be intolerant to PG eliquid. All our eliquids come in slim flexible easy to use bottles with long dripper tips for easy tank filling. For your safety they are also fitted with childproof caps.

30ml Treacle Toffee eliquid (Flavour & Shot Kit)

  • Mg = Miligrams of Nicotine; from "0" to "18" Sometimes you may see it represented as a decimal, but it is the same stregnth... i.e 1.8% = 18mg and so on.

    If you are attempting to quit smoking cigarettes then it can be useful to consider the following guide to help you work out what Nicotine requirements you need

    • 0 = No Nicotine at All (Nicorine Free)
    • 3-6 = Very Low / Low as in low tar cigarettes such as the Light Blues or White Packs that they used to sell
    • 12-18 = Medium / Medium High such as the Gold or Black Packs in the "old days"

    Mix = is the content of the Base. Our "normal" base mix is 50% PG and 50% VG (excluding flavouring) ..this is for standard vaping. Our "Cloudz" mixture has an 80% VG content and is thicker..it is generally used by people for cloudchasing of for those intolerant to PG.

    Flavour = is the amount of taste added. We normally base our mixes on 15-20% Flavour content (depending on essence) Selecting "Extra shot" will increase this to around 30%, and should only be selected if you appreciate a STRONG taste!