What's all this Flavour & Shot Business ?

...can't I have it the way you used to sell it ?

The simple answer is "No", and this is why:

We (and other companies) are no longer allowed to sell nicotine liquid in bottles larger than 10ml (the diddy ones) this was one of the rules and directives that went active with the TPD regulations on the 20th May 2017.

As well as this regulation the maximum strength (mg) of eliquid allowed in the UK was limited to 20mg, though most suppliers have settled at 18mg to avoid crossing the line and getting fined.

These regulations alone meant a host of changes to stock and range, but by far the hardest hitter was the certification required to sell nicotine eliquid. Each and Every variant such as 3mg, 6mg, 12mg etc of EVERY flavour would need to be sent away, tested and certified at £300-£500 per VARIANT, most smaller companies folded as they could not or refused to borrow to shoulder this cost.

..but there is another way !

The flavour and shot kit ! ..which is what we now sell. Each Kit has a 30ml Flavour bottle which includes ONLY the essence and base. No Nicotine...If you have ordered 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg then you will receive one or more "Nicotine Shot" Bottles ...fully TPD compliant and ready for use ...You just add the bottles as shown on the pack and Bingo! ...You have the same old 30ml Fastvape eliquid with all the flavours you love !

Yes, Yes ..I know we have had to ship our new kits in the awful drab olive colours.
Not ALL eliquid companies are using the regulation colour packs yet ..but we thought we may as well get used to them early

Last but not least, we (as you know) have maintained the SAME price for over 2 years on our eliquid, and through thick and thin we have stuck to it ...but sadly the TPD regulations and extra costs mean we can no longer hold that price. There will be no change for nicotine free eliquid, but the nicotine ones have gone up slightly...Regulars will know, this is the last thing we wanted to do and it makes no difference to what we make per bottle..the increase ALL goes to our costs. Sorry..

But it IS good to be back !

Steve, Sue and the Fastvape team !